The Problem

We gave 146 billion dollars in aid last year, but we gave less than one per cent of that money to local initiatives
Less than 1%

of international humanitarian aid goes to local initiatives


Lack of visibility

of high impact projects


Too much bureaucracy

in a system that reveres the middleman, not actual Changemakers


Lack of trust

when giving to small local initiatives

"As long as the aid sector keeps giving 100,000,000 to one large organisation - than 10,000 to 10,000 - local initiatives will keep struggling to survive - We're changing this!"

- Tarek Alsaleh, Founder

The Solution

We’re changing the system of global giving and cutting out the middleman in the development sector.

A real-time data collection app (works on/offline, GPS stamped)

Community and network management

Project management

Direct donations facility & innovative way of crowdsourcing

Financial management tracking

Managment & HR

Grassroots awards

Due diligence and risk managment


An adaptable and flexible tool



Our VISION is to collaborate through our aid network with amazing local people to access the support they need to keep their social projects running.

What We Do

FrontlineAid provides advice and tech solutions to meet actual needs in the real world and to make it easy for locals to connect to supporters like us. We have a particular focus on using innovative tech and sustainable development thinking to realize change at the local level in war and conflict settings.

Who We Are

We are frustrated having worked over a decade in war zones – In a system that reveres the person with the best English, the MBA, not actual Changemakers.


Breaking the wall of cartels in international aid


Negotiation Exercise



The Team

More than 30 consultant experts in business, finance, legal, marketing, IT development, UX design and communication, are currently developing FrontlineAid.


Tarek Alsaleh


Tarek Alsaleh, half Syrian, half German, is a development expert and angel investor. His focus is now on the localisation of international aid. He has spent a decade seeding locally owned capoeira projects across war zones, including in Syria. Tarek has launched successful partnerships with the private sector, philanthropists and grassroots organisations in over 38 countries.



Ummul Choudhury


Ummul Choudhury Development Ummul Choudhury, is responsible for governance, quality control, staying on Mission, and the finances. She also oversees, manages and develops the fundraising activities.

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